Becoming an adoptive parent

We are always looking for adoptive families for a wide mix of children, from a variety of backgrounds and with ages ranging from preschool to school aged children. Like the children, every adoptive family is different.

Your experience

It is extremely important for you to have some experience of looking after children, whether this is from looking after any birth children you already have, taking care of the children of your friends or relatives, or in a professional role. We can advise you on ways to gain experience to help you decide whether adoption is the right option for you. 

Your family

If you already have children in the family, including adopted children, we will discuss balancing their needs against those of any child placed for adoption. Experienced parents often have a lot to offer, but as part of the assessment we would need to take into account the wishes and feelings of your child and ensure that adoption is right for them too.

Your home

You do not have to own your own house to be able to adopt but it is important that you have secure, long-term accommodation and sufficient space to welcome a child.

Your income and job

Whether you work full time, are unemployed or on a low income, you can adopt a child as long as you have the financial resources to care for them. Your financial situation will be assessed during the assessment and matching processes and financial assistance may be considered depending on the child's level of needs (subject to means testing).

If you are an employed adoptive parent, you or your partner, are entitled to paid adoption leave. The amount you are entitled to will depend on your circumstances, however you will usually be expected to take extended time off from work when your child first arrives so that you can be there for them.

Many adopters are entitled to adoption leave and pay when their child is placed with them. The law is changing to make this entitlement more similar to maternity and paternity leave pay, and it will include the right to take time off when you are meeting your child, before they move in with you.


We take the impact of smoking on children, including passive smoking, very seriously.  If you are a smoker, but are trying to give up we need you to be able to evidence that. You can speak to your assigned social worker for more information, and it is best to see your GP for advice and guidance.

Life events

Caring for a vulnerable child requires significant emotional and practical resources. For this reason, if you experience any major life events or emotional upheaval whilst considering adoption we will discuss the impact of this with you and may ask you to wait before formally applying to adopt. If you have already started your assessment, we may discuss putting your application on hold for an agreed period.

If you're thinking about adoption but aren't sure if the time is right then please get in touch for a chat.

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