Who can adopt

Our recruitment criteria is tailored to suit the needs of the children waiting for adoption in Kent county, and therefore we will prioritise those applicants able to meet their needs.

Kent has been very successful in recruiting adopters and we are now focusing on recruiting adopters for the specific types of children we are currently family finding for: children with complex or significant needs, over the age of two or part of a sibling group. As an adopter, you will need to understand the child's background and accept that their upbringing may have been challenging. If you feel you could adopt a child like this, then we are eager to hear from you.

We promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, age, religious beliefs, disability or marital status.

The only restrictions are that you must be:

  • over 21 years old to adopt. Although we have no upper age limit it is expected that you should be healthy and well enough to parent a child through to adulthood.
  • clear of certain criminal convictions or cautions, particularly any for sexual or domestic violence, or offences involving children, in line with government guidelines.
  • a resident in the United Kingdom

Applications from outside of Kent

We will consider applications from those living outside Kent, particularly from people who wish to adopt older children, siblings or children with special needs, or from applicants with a dual heritage or ethnic background.

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