16 January 2017

Message from Helen, a Kent adopter

"When people discover that we're adoptive parents, they're often in awe of us. Friends, family and even relative strangers are really impressed by this wonderful thing we've done and by the difference we've made to our children's lives.

But in all honesty, that's not why we did it. We just desperately wanted children and weren't able to have any of our own. And if truth be known, we consider ourselves to be the lucky ones! We feel incredibly blessed and privileged to have our girls in our lives. They are unique, funny, beautiful and 100% ours.

Perhaps you're just starting to consider adoption for the first time, maybe you're still having fertility treatment or you feel drawn to adoption in some way. Whatever your reasons, I would really encourage you to read on, find out more, and look at the success stories.

When we were thinking about adoption, the most powerful and helpful bits came from those that had done it. Talking about other adopters' experiences was both insightful and inspiring - it's one of the reasons why I love to get involved with Kent County Council now.

Our journey was sometimes slow, on occasions a little scary and frequently there was yet another form to fill in. But I can assure you, the destination is more than worth it.

Perhaps I will get to meet you at an introduction event - I hope so."

Good luck.

Helen, Kent adopter

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