16 January 2017

Message from Philip Segurola, Director of Specialist Children's Services

Peter OakfordAdoption can give children a new family when their own family cannot do so and finding adopters for the variety of children who need them is an important strategic priority for the council. Having an adult who can love and commit to a child and provide a stable environment in which to live is very important.

Between 2012 and January 2016, Kent Adoption Service was led by Coram Voluntary Adoption Agency who delivered all of the adoption services for Kent County Council during that time. Kent continues to work closely with Coram on post adoption support provision, but the management and delivery of services to children and adults involved in adoption is now provided by Kent County Council.

Kent County Council strives to have a professional and responsive adoption agency which learns from the feedback of children, young people and both birth and adoptive parents to make the service it offers the best that it can be. We owe that to the children who are in our care.

This website aims to provide information about the range of services delivered by Kent Adoption Service including the assessment and recruitment of adopters and the support available. As you will see from our adopters' experiences, parenting is both rewarding and challenging and we will provide you with support throughout your journey.

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