Why adopt

Are you thinking of adopting and considering whether adoption is right for you?

There are many good reasons for wanting to adopt: you may feel that you have a lot of love and security to offer to a child who has not had a great start in life, or you may want to be a parent but due to fertility issues, you cannot have a birth child. Or you may simply consider that, whether single or a couple, the perfect way to build your family is indeed adoption.

Adoption is a way of providing a permanent family for children who cannot be brought up by their own parents for different reasons. If you are able to offer a stable and loving home, and are ready to support a child overcome their troubled background, as well as encourage them to understand their identity, then parenting an adopted child can be an extremely rewarding experience for you.

Children waiting for adoption come from different backgrounds and may have different needs. Therefore, they need parents who can understand their stories and help them grow up feeling safe and secure. Whether you are married or single, gay or straight, unemployed or have a disability, divorced or in a partnership, and whatever your cultural background, adoption may be for you.

If it's right for the children and if it's right for you, then any and all of these reasons are completely valid.

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