Stage 1

Once your Registration of Interest (ROI) has been accepted, you will start undergoing the first round of checks and preparations, also known as Stage 1 Pre-Assessment.

This part of the process is 'adopter-led' and will take no longer than 2 months – unless you need more time.

You will be invited to attend a three-day preparation course, where you will be able to learn more about adoption and parenting an adopted child. The course will include topics such as:

  • Identity and adoption: looking at what identity means for you and for adopted children
  • The impact of neglect and abuse: how adoption can help to mitigate a difficult start in life
  • Social and emotional development in adopted children

At this point, we will also begin the checks we need to make:

  • Police and local authority checks
  • References from family members, previous partners, employers or friends
  • Medical checks completed by your GP

We will also ask you to complete self assessment forms.

Based on the information gathered during this period, and if you are happy to proceed, you will be invited to Stage 2.

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