Foster to adopt scheme

As a foster to adopt carer you will foster a baby or toddler under the age of two while the courts decide on their future care.

There can be different outcomes. It may be decided that it is in the best interest of the baby to live with birth parents or other relatives. or it may be that adoption by the current carers is decided to be the best for him or her.

What are the advantages of fostering to adopt?

Most babies and young children who are adopted have to manage several changes of carer and broken attachments before they are found a permanent loving home. With our foster to adopt scheme, we aim to avoid that and instead give the baby the best chance of a settled start and continuity.

What are the risks of our foster to adopt scheme?

In our foster to adopt scheme it is the adults who bear the risk. The babies will either return to their birth parents, or be adopted by carers with whom they already have a relationship. It provides consistency for babies who might otherwise be moved from foster carer to foster carer while the court reaches a decision about their future - resulting in a string of damaging broken attachments and feelings of being unsettled.

Find out about becoming a foster to adopt carer

If a foster to adopt carer goes on to adopt the child they have cared for, they will be in a very special position. They will have helped their baby through the early, unsettling months when plans were still uncertain and got to know and love them from a very young age. They will also have got to know the baby’s family, and will understand the difficulties they faced around the child's care.

If you think you have what it takes, please contact us.

Coram, our development and innovations partner, has more information about foster to adopt or concurrency planning, including a short three-minute film about Coram’s Concurrent Planning Scheme where concurrent carers talk about their experience of the scheme.

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