Reflective parenting support group

This course will run over 8 weeks and there are 6 places available.

An adoptive parent's journey is complex and can be emotionally demanding. The ability to develop metacognitive skills for thinking about your child's mind when you are feeling under pressure has been called 'to mentalise'. ‘Mentalising’ can be described as the ability to reflect upon, and to understand one's own state of mind and that of the other (e.g. child) and to respond in a way that is ‘in tune’.

The capacity to mentalise can help parents to resist the impulse to react ‘unthinkingly’ in the face of significant provocation and is a crucial aspect of a successful adoption. The group will promote the development of these reflective parenting interventions.

The aim of the group is to provide a reflective space in which members can focus on the psychological and emotional issues that arise in day to day life with their adopted children; to share and process the feelings and gain support and understanding from each other. The outcome of the group is for parents to feel more confident in helping their children to develop emotionally and socially.

Course dates

There are currently no courses for this group.

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