Learning and development programme

Feedback from adopters

The feedback below shows what adopters have found useful about training courses and support groups.

Training courses

Explaining Adoption and Life story books

“It’s ok for Life story books to be altered with more information!”

“Learning that we can take control of the Life story book”

“Thinking about it from the child’s perspective”

“How to explain to our son about his life story and how to use the Life story book.”

Non-verbal communication

“Understanding continuing behaviour.”

“Talking through how important non-verbal communication can be (and when we forget about it!).”

Managing sibling rivalry

“Got lots of ideas to help us as a family.”

“Hearing about others’ experiences, tips on games to play together.”

“Reflecting on my own experience as a sibling and how this may influence my approach to dealing with sibling rivalry.”

Transitions: Beginnings, separations and endings

“…how to label emotions and talk about them to my son.”

Managing contact with birth family and impact of social media

“Feel more prepared for what may happen and have an understanding of how to prepare my children.”

Introduction to the impact of childhood neglect

“Eureka moment when penny dropped on son’s behaviour, I am empowered and motivated to continue.”

Trauma and secondary trauma including self-harm

“hearing the experiences of other adopters – giving a realistic perspective and the ‘tools’ to speak to the feelings behind the behaviours.”

Social and Emotional Development in adopted children

…when children are behaving irrationally there’s likely to be deep seated reasons why – baby state – and this can stay with them for years.”

“Insight about ‘baby state’ and omnipotence.”

“It was so helpful to explore how my child’s earlier experiences are playing out in her behaviour now.”

Adolescence and identity in adopted children

“Talking and relating to our own adolescence and how much more difficult it is for the adopted child.”

“Guidance about recognising the adolescent experience from the child’s point of view.”

Support groups

Incredible Years parenting programme

“Suggestions on how to respond to certain behaviour and to talk to children’s emotions.”

“Fantastic course – time to talk – great reflective time, such an amazing difference to how I tackle behaviour issues.”

“Thank you so much for facilitating such a great course.  I have seen such a big change in my parenting of my child.  The course has given me ideas, strategies and of course the support in what was a challenging time.”

“This course has been a lifeline for me, especially talking to other parents about issues and realising I’m not alone in the behaviour I’m dealing with and my reactions to it.  Good practical advice and strategies, which has been great.”

"Very useful course. We loved the interaction with other adopters and we've come away with useful parenting techniques and strategies to use while being mindful of our boys' background. The course helped me pull together our Adoption Rocket which consolidates everything we've learned and read on our adoption journey."

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